Hi! We are wizards who blend creativity with technology!

We are a team of passionate designers, developers, and marketers united by shared love of all digital products. We aim to help businesses create outstanding digital experiences that engage users, build brand loyalty, and drive growth. With years of experience in the industry, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to draw from.


Long story short

In 2022, a one-person venture was born in the heart of London, UK. Under our CEO’s leadership, Mike recognised the need for expansion and established a branch in Poland - his home country, attracting a talented team and broadening our service offerings. Within just a few months, our team grew to 5 people across UK and Poland, working together. Since then, our staff has been steadily expanding. Today, Digiten boasts a diverse team of amazing and talented experts offering web and app development, interactive platforms, digital design, consulting, and more. As a continuously growing company, we are always ready to tackle new challenges!

From bytes to brilliance


Our core manifest

At Digiten we don’t stand idly by as the world changes around us. We choose to be more than mere spectators in this digital age. Instead, we promise to be active participants, fully dedicated to cultivating an environment where each individual can actively contribute. Our journey is defined by adventure and fuelled by curiosity and passion for invention. We are here to help by offering guidance and support to find an exciting way into the digital world.

Our purpose, commitments, and values align with the role we aspire to assume in the world.


Our vision is to lead the way in the modern digital world; to solve problems and find beautiful solutions every day.


We empower individuals and organisations by uniting design and technology to create exceptional experiences. We are actively engaged in exploring and developing new technologies.


We are all partners in success. We learn from and teach each other to shape the future and cross the borders of creativity.

Digital transformation is not about technology — it’s about people

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft



Meet Digiten

At Digiten, the team is our greatest asset. We value diversity and respect each individual’s unique talents. By nurturing an inclusive environment, we empower everyone to thrive and drive innovation so that they can reach their full potential. Together, we prioritise investing in our team because their growth is our success.


At Digiten, our team is the heart of everything we do!

Each member plays a crucial role in our success and innovation. Join us and become a valued part of our awesome crew, where your contributions really make a difference.